Provide financial assistance for school meal programs. Children are currently provided with one small meal per day.

Our goal is to assist Jose's schools with additional funding for food. Hopefully, each child will receive at least 2 meals per day. 


​Provide assistance for the construction of new single family homes for destitute families. Remarkably, a new home can

be constructed for around $10,000 USD.

During construction, the local men are hired to do the labor thereby helping

them to support their families.


Provide financial assistance for the hiring of additional full time classroom teachers. In servicing the needs of 300 children, Jose's schools are already short on full-time classroom teachers. Our goal is to make sure each available classroom has at least one available teacher. 



Provide financial assistance for the hiring

of at least two full time English teachers.

Most employers are requiring at least one foriegn language skill so it's very important

for the school children to receive every opportunity to learn this vital skill. Other schools charge a fee for this service, but lessons will be free at Jose's schools. 


Provide financial assistance for basic school supplies. Sadly, 120 children in one school rely on this tiny table of supplies and another of similar size for all of their school day needs. Jose's other school also has a similar shortage of supplies. 

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